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Some of you know the HP-IL PC Interface Card for interfacing handheld computers HP41, HP71 and HP75 to PC. For getting more details about the “reference solution” for interfacing this handhelds to PC world, please refer to the HP-Museum article folder item 311 : “HP41 - PC gateway & emulator”. The HP-IL PC Interface Card is compatible to software solutions Link-Plus (which support HP41, HP71 and HP75), TRANS41, EMU41 and EMU71.

By using the advanced emulator solutions EMU41 and EMU71 from Jean-Francois Garnier you implement great emulators plus real HP-IL support to your PC. EMU41 and EMU71 are compatible to operating systems DOS, WIN3.11, WIN95, WIN98, by using a software address routing tool also to WIN2000, WINXP and WINNT. The HP-IL PC interface card needs a PC motherboard which supports minimal one ISA slot. EMU41 and EMU71 are compatible to fast processor clock speeds of modern PC hardware.

Actual I finished the third generation of the HP-IL PC Interface Card : Now the ISA-bus terminals are tin-plated - like the first generation (only the second generation includes gold-plated terminals). The needed IL-Terminals, IL-Transformers and IL-Chips I get from Ed Zachowski (USA). The idea behind all this activities is to equip some more HP handheld computer enthusiasts with nice HP-IL interface hardware.

Any finished HP-IL PC Interface Card includes a function test & burn in test and some documentation and software tools. Now HP handheld computer enthusiasts get the card for a reduced price. Thanks a lot Ed Zachowski for your great support of exotic HP-IL parts for this interface project ….

With best regards from Germany – Christoph Klug

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