HP OmniGo 100



I changed both the back up and main batteries of my HP OmniGo 100 and now the unit is not functioning properly. When turned on the screen just displays the OmniGo logo. Does anyone know how to fix my problem??

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It could be possible that you changed the batts

while the machine OS wasn't shut down.

You could try a soft reset, or if that doesn't work,

a hard reset using the reset pin hole.



How do i soft or hard reset??


Soft Reset: SHIFT+ON+PgDn

System Reset: Immediately after turning on the machine

press and hold the 'C' key for a second.

You'll be asked to initialize the RAM.

Press 'Y' to initiate a Hard Reset,

which erases all data in RAM.

If you press 'N' instead the machine

will try to do a normal restart.

This procedure was taken from the OmniGo 100 user manual;-)




How can you bypass the GEOS system on this unit and get right down to the DOS shell?
Can anyone help?


IIRC, you can edit the config files,

and REM out the loader call.

Then a simple restart should do the job.

Alternatively, there should be kinda DOS-Box

either on the desktop or inside an application.


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