New record prices for HP Calculators


There is a small collection of calculators for sale on eBay. I think 590,000 Euros is a little excessive for what is being sold and probably represents a record price. And maybe I'm sitting on a fortune of HP items. Check it out.
John Pierce


Just look at it as 590.00, maybe you're more confortable with this...



HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, very good massimo.


Indeed, he should have done CF28 or ON/. in his mind...

590€ is quite a lot of money, but the lot, if as advertised, if offered at a common ebay price.


Yes, it means 590 Euros, of course.

That's why Europeans use a decimal comma,

not only a can be seen more easily, except on an hp33S;-)

Summing up the individual item prices seems to lead to a reasonable price,

at least if the units are not worse than described...

HP-48GX + 3 128K RAM cards : 150 - 200 Euros

hp49g : 75 - 100 Euros (ok, to me the 49g is worth nothing, but that's another story...)

hp49g+ : 150 - 170 Euros

HP-32SII : 150 - 250 Euros

HP-20S : 20 - 50 Euros

HP-38G : 20 - 50 Euros

The above are price ranges I saw at online dealers and on eBay.

So you can see that the auction isn't exactly a bargain,

but not too expensive, too.


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