Just how "Limited" are the 50th Ann. 14B/32S's?


Just curious, because under the 14B 50th. Anniversary page, the Museum states the following:

"Price: Not sold to the public."

Also, Craig A. Finseth's HPDATABase says the following in both the 14B and 32S descriptions:

"There was a "59th Anniversary" version made of this machine and the 32S. (The anniversary was of HP.) The changes consisted of a modified bezel with insert and an extra logo imprinted on the case. The 14B version was oversubscribed and the 32S version had extras."

I believe "59th" is probably a typo. But what is meant by "oversubscribed" and "32S version had extras."??

Does anybody have any insight as to how many were made, how they were distributed (within HP) and how folks acquired them on the outside (token gifts to customers?) ?


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