You think ebay calculator buyers are nuts?


Take a look at this...

Slice of pizza


I read that a Casino bought that eBay item to raise funds. I guess for a Casino money DOES grow on trees!!!



I have a "miraculous" calculator with an HP logo. You may say "Big deal! Every HP calculator has an HP logo". Well mine is a TI ... and it's not for sale!


We are waiting for a picture !!!!!


The image on that sandwich looked more like Bernadette Peters to me...
Anyway, for that amount of money, what is to
stop any artistically inclined individual (crook) from engraving
a face into a pancake griddle with a Dremel tool and
frying up a hundred "miracles"?


Agree. That picture looks "too perfect". By the way, who would buy a grilled cheese sandwhich from the internet? Strange.

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