HP41 MLDL2000 proto's arrived!


Just arrived on my desk: the first 4 proto's for the MLDL2000 hardware. I will take pictures and post them on my website tonight.

Next step is to test and debug. Some work needs to be done on the USB interface to program FLASH and SRAM. I will take the MLDL2000 with me to the European Calculator Summit in Allschwill this weekend and hope to have some of the functionality working by then!



Don't stop now! :-)


Outstanding! Maybe I will get mine around the first of 2005. I've been waiting a long time, but the delay is worth it. This will be an outstanding addition to my HP-41 system, and give me much enjoyment with low level system programming, and humongous storage capability



Topic says it all, testing progresses pretty good so far



Hi Meindert

These pictures are like a Holy Grail for us, we have been waiting for them for such a long time.
The boards look very professional and I´m really happy to be one of the first observers (and maybe owners) of such a module.




Where are the Photos???


www.kuipers.to/hp41, foillow the link to the MLDL2000 pictures



I noticed that there is no Lithium battery SRAM backup or physical bank/grouping switches shown in the photos. Were the pictures taken before these were installed, or are they not going to be used?

I personally would prefer that ALL selected active RAM/ROM pages be selected by register - NO mechanical switches anywhere. But I was led to believe that they were going to be used.

I would also personally prefer a small SRAM backup battery to prevent accidental data/program loss by unthinking removal before transfer to eeprom. There are many small Lithium batteries to choose from.



The pictures show the assembled PCB's, wires have to be added to interconnect everything. There is the option to add a battery (or goldcap), that is the choice of the owner, since it is relatively simple to add. Simply add the device, a diode and wire it to the right places on the PCB.

The switch is not assembled here (yet). It will be a tiny SMD switch with 4 contacts to choose between any of 8 configurations. The 4th switch is to fully disable the MLDL2000. Which ROMS are in which port is fully soft configurable, but the prime way of configuring is by using a PC and the USB connection. In theory it is possible with an HP41 mcode program but I do no intend to create the software for it. Please go through the specifications that can be found at www.kuipers.to/hp41, it explains it all in great detail.

Alternatively, come join us in Basel this weekend and ask me in person ;)



First test have shown that I can succesfully copy ROM pages from an old Eramco box to the SRAM of the MLDL2000. After disconnecting the Eramco box the two pages show in CAT 2!

This means that the MLDL2000 is now really coming alive.



This is great news! Please keep us all informed regarding the progress. I look forward to owning and using one of your MLDL2000 units.


Dear Meindert,

really impressing photos. Nice to meet you next Saturday in Allschwil - including your nice hardware :-))

Regards - Christoph Klug


Very impressive, Meindert. Imagine the possibilities with all the programming power and memory. I will keep an eye for updates! :)

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