Campaign for Emu42 (& Emu48 for Pocket PC) successful!


Today the Campaign for Emu42! (& Emu48 for Pocket PC) run by managed to pass the 700 EUR level! This means that Emu42 for Windows and Pocket PC as well as the new port of Emu48 for PocketPC will now be publically released.

What would otherwise have been a huge wastage - if Emu42 was never to be released - has thanks to all contributors to the campaign now been avoided! As Emu42 is developed under the GNU General Public License both binaries and source code will be released. The source code will most likely prove to be a useful resource for anyone that in the future attempts to write an emulator of the HP-42S for any other device, e.g. the Palm OS, Linux and so on. The public release of Emu42 also opens up a new chapter in the history of the HP-42S. Even though there is no sign of intention from HP to put the HP-42S back in production again, it now lives on in emulated format.

The campaign still goes on for anyone that wants to express his/her support for Christoph Giesselink's work and has not yet done so!

Best regards,

Erik Ehrling



Thank you, Erik, for doing the campaign, thanks in advance to Christoph for releasing the emulator software soon :-), and thanks to all contributors (also future ones)!

This would be a great opportunity for HP to open a 42S developer section on their web site where anyone could get a license to use the 42S ROM. If people cannot get the ROM legally, the file will spread over the Internet...


Geat News! and many thanks to Erik for organising the campaign.

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