Feet and inches program for 20S


I have successfully written programs for the conversion of feet and inches, and fractions to base ten for addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division and back again, in the past for a 25C and 19C. Both of these have since conked out. I have a 30C which should accept the same program, but am not able to get it to run. If someone has a program that works, I would like to be in touch.




Your post was inconsistent. Which calculator are you seeking a program for?



just an aside, not an answer to your question: every so often i break a 25 foot tape measure that has inches on one side and tenths & hundredths of a foot on the other. i cut the remains into 24 one foot pieces and give them out to carpenters and other fraction lovers as solar powered inch to decimal foot converters. if theres enough light to read the tape, theres enough light to do the conversion. among the rpn chalenged, these are quite popular.

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