(semi off-topic) Sharp PC-1600 beeping


Well, maybe some of you also appreciate Sharp pocket computers in addition to our beloved vintage HP gear!

I have a "new old stock" Sharp PC-1600 which, altough looking absolutely perfect and unused (including its battery compartiment), beeps every 2 or 3 minutes since I put fresh batteries (4 x AA 1.5V).

I tried other batteries brands (Panasonic, Sony, GP, Duracell), either alkaline or not, with no succeed. The PC-1600 powers up fine, and seems to work fine, but after approx 2 minutes, it beeps and locks up. When powered OFF, it wakes up, beeps, and locks up.

Any idea is welcome. Thanks in advance.


Hi Emmanuel,
Try this:
Press together the ON button and the reset button (at back of the calculator) for 2 or 3 seconds. Then, if your caculator works fine , it's ok, otherwise it has a real problem.
I had a similar problem when I first used my 1600 because when you press the RESET button, it doesn't initialize the pocket. You must press together ON and RESET to initialize it.
Hope it will help you,


Thank you for your very precise and effective answer!

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