HP-41 back sticker difference


I look at my 2 HP-41CV back sticker and i found a logo i don't know the meaning : On my Fullnut this logo is not present but on my 41-CV halfnut there is a kind of "impeller" or a kind of disk with the inscription "871B" in the lower right corner. Does this means someting for somenone?

I'm looking closely to my 2 CV to see some differences i can count. I also found that the key feeling is smooter and the clic is less "loud" on the halfnut than the fullnut; is it true of just because my halfunt has more mileage!

I did a CAT 0 at the same time on the 2 CV and the fullnut finish the listing before the halfnut (the 2 calculators are "memory lost" before the "benchmark"). Is the fullnut faster than the halfnut?

Is there some kind of program i can run on them and see some difference between the 2 CV version or bug present on one only?

I just receive, result of a trade, my first halfnut so that's why i seems so curious about small details ;-)




AFAIK the 871B sign stands for something like: Tested to comply with some specific radio emission/interference limits, or alike.



Don't know anything about the 41's but if the keypresses feel softer due to miles;), there should be differencies between the keys. I noticed this on my heavily used 18C; the 'equals' key has actually a significantly different feel. Do your 41's keys all feel the same?



Yes they feel all the same.


Then your concern about wear might not be justified. Just enjoy your 41:).



The keys did change slightly over the years, so I'm not surprised if they feel different.

The speed of a HP-41 is not an exact science. The frequency is made from discrete components, and not a chrystal. So different individuals might differ as much as 30%. On the fullnuts you can change a capacitor to increase the speed. The halfnuts were a bit more tricky, as well as not being so forgiving to frequency increases.

But basic speed comparision might show anyone being faster, depending on the individual.

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