Re: New and improved 42S? done


this was the message i left hp

"i would like you great folk at hp to reintroduce the hp42s. With any increase from its 7k memory to say 32k and an input/output device (4 pin like the hp48g series) i think hp could recapture and regain a large market that has become increasing jaded by newer products that have left them stranded. the key to the hp42s calculator was its simplicity (programming and functionality). a lot of folk like myself use the products of mr hewlett and mr packard in their careers and many have made a considerable committment of time and energy to learning the products of the number 1 calculator/computer company. however many folk got left behind when the hp42s series stopped production and the hp48g was introduced (im not bagging it i have one and its great) but i put an amazing amount of time learning how to use it and many people dont have that time. in summing up i feel you great people see the benefit in not alienating a market sector that has served you well in the past (many of these people have a dozen or more products) and if word of mouth is the best form of advertising then these are your best sales people.

your greatest supporter

paul w "

hope it helps get the 42 back (im not holding my breath however)

paul w

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