HP9830 to HP9866B Printer Cable


Hi, all,

Just scored an HP9866B printer to connect up to my HP 9830. Problem is, I don't have the cable that connects the two machines.

Anyone out there have a cable that they want to sell?

Secondary question: Any good source for the paper that the 9866B printer uses? Can you use rolls of old thermal FAX machine paper?

Thanks! Rick Bensene - The Old Calculator Web Museum - http://www.geocities.com/oldcalculators



There are two ways to connect a 9866 to the 9830. You can use the special version of the 98032 interface (option 66?) that has the proper connector for the printer. Or some (all?) of 9830s have a round connector that connects to the 9866 via a short jumper cable without using one of the plug in interfaces. I have both. Let me know which one you need. I won't sell them but I'll loan you one.

I haven't tried it in a 9866 but I use regular roll fax thermal paper in the other HP printers and it works fine.

Joe (with two DEAD 9830s :-(

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