49G+/SD card: Epilogue


I got the SD card to work. Finally! It turned out that the card had to be formatted using FAT16. I have no idea what format it used before. In any case, the upgrade to ROM 1.22 went successfully.

I want to thank you each and every correspondent in this forum who coached me and offered ideas for the solution of the problem. I am particularly indebted to Tom Scott, who emailed the de-EXE'd files the 49G+ required.

I couldn't have done it on my own. That's one reason why this forum is such a great resource. Thank you all.



That's what's so nice about this forum. There are a lot of really helpful people here. For example, I bought an HP-67 on eBay which was in horrible shape (despite the lies of the seller). I felt awful about paying so much for such a poor quality device but the seller was non-responsive. A forum member (Michael Meyer) volunteered to restore it, which he did at no cost to me. He spent a great deal of time and effort getting it to function properly again and yet he refused any payment. There must be something about calculators that attracts good people!

Tom Scott

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