Meeting info, Allschwil


Last news of the meeting in Allschwil can be seen here:


Thanks Matthias.

I suggest that everybody brings some specialities from his place to be shared at the meeting.

By the way I am planning my journey by car. Route is Brussels - Luxembourg - Strasbourg - Basel. I'd be glad to give a lift to anyone going to the meeting. I have up to 3 free seats in my car.


I'll have to come by my own car as I have to transprort more than only some ROMs. <G>

BTW, instead of names, Matthias could have shown some URLs, just to give an idea who is who. Here is mine (not too much uptdated since long, new: about the HP200LX, alas unfinished)

Ha - if I see the meeting list I suppose the conference language will be French. C,a va être dure.



I prefer swiss german for the conference language :)

(Ok, german and english is alo ok, but french? this will hard for you to listen to me that day!!)


I think we will speak only one language: beer. ;o)


There is no alcohol inmy appartment :)


Beer w/o alcohol exists... I saw one, one time!


NO ALK? Sorry, but how about shifting the meeting location to the next resaurant? There will be a free side room for us all, otherwise wee look in the near France for one. They'll take the 25 EUR too. (One beer I speek French as
good as English <G>)



Hello everybody!

Will bring some items if interest:
HP41C, HP41CV, HP48G, HP48GX, HP49G,
Paname modules for HP-41,
HP82162A HPIL Printer, HP82168A HPIL Acoustic Coupler, HP82169A HPIL/HPIB interface with PC ISA card,
HP110 and HP-85.

Before I go to Aschwill, you can order your pre-programmed
Eprom sets for HP-41 and HP-71 Eprom Box, or items below.

Thanks for interest!


I too will bring some stuff for trade, it isn't much but somebody may be interested. Here's a partial list:-

- 10 meter HP-IL cable (or was it 5 meter?)
- HP 110 laptop computer
- HP-IL acoustic coupler
- plain 41 Memory Modules
- 41 Card Reader 1A



Hi Matthias!

Not to confuse others, but on your map north is on the RHS<G>. Eh, Emmanuel, le 200LX le montre tres bien. Tu va voir.



Dear Michael,
I know it. Mine is running inside a 48Mb Flash Disk.


Hi Emmanuel,

did you also install Windows 3 on the 200LX ?
I did, and it works quite well, even with mouse support.




Not yet but it could be an idea.
Ithink there's no enough memory for Win3.1
However a DOS 3.0 more than a 5.0 version could work?!
Will bring a 48Mb Flash Disk and a 512K Ram card to Allschwill (please see my list).

Eh! Emmanuel!

Those photos remind me the beginning. I use a 256MB CF in my LX, I know others (in NZ <G>, hello Tony!) who use 1GB in a HP200LX. But to be honest, 48MB is not bad for the beginning.



I'll bring my 200LX / 4MB RAM and second one 2MB RAM / doublespeed. A 128MB CF card is plenty of room for me... Looking forward to a 200LX session.

Cheers Daniel


I'm urgentli looking for 2-3 battery covers for my HP41... So bring them along with you to the meeting, please!



I hoped you'd publish the map I prepared for the LXer.


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