Aurora FN1000 available at Fry's


The Aurora FN1000 financial calculator is available at Fry's for $24.99. The Arlington, Texas, store had several. Yes, it is RPN and has a four register stack. And, while it appears to be inspired by the 12C, there are differences.


How about posting a picture?


got that from


Thanks for the heads up Mike. I'll be going past the Sacramento Frys in two weeks. I'll get one. Maybe they will come out with a cheap scientific rpn next. RPN LIVES!


I wonder what kind of manual this Fry's specimen will come with. The Brazilian version of the FN1000 sports a shameless Word copy of the Portuguese original HP manual. I've posting some comments here about it some time ago. Can someone check this, please ?



I don't know the Auroras.
How is the quality ? Is there somewhere a larger picture ?

All the Best



Try this page...


Does it have the same 99 steps and line # addressing as the 12c? Do registers get eaten up by program memory as the latter is needed?

BTW, I have an Aurora "SC-150X 131-function Scientific Calculator" -- a nondescript little plastic-keyed LCD model with a hinged clamshell cover. I think I got it at WalMart for ~$5.00 a couple years ago. But it's neither programmable nor RPN.

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