hp 80 keys don't respond well


I have hp-80 and some of the keys on top row (FV, PMT) don't respond. Every now and then these key function but mostly don't. What would be best way to fix this problem? Thanks in advance for any tips.
- Irfan


Most of what you need to know shold be in http://www.hpmuseum.org/howtohp/howtohp.htm. That should get you started.

In addition, I have found that using a plain strip of paper (instead of sandpaper) to clean very bad key contacts can be a valid alternative. It's potential for damage might be less than the sandpapaer's.

Cheers, Victor


If you use a piece of cloth impregnated with isopropilic alcohol it will work for sure. And you canĀ“t damage the metal part (take care with the sandpaper).

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