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Hi all:
First of all, id like to say that i am not a collector, i only get calcs that i like and "use".
So far, i have a 17Bii, 48Gx and a 49g, which have been quite usefull to me. I was wondering, what other calculators are powerful?? i am not interested in colectability, but in power and capability.




The 41CX, 42s and 15c are all good power user calcs.


Hey, Valhalla;

It's somehow hard to enumerate which one is "more" powerfull than the others. To be honest, there will be many "tendencies" and fair, healthy disagreements.

I have my own choice: the latest ones re more "resourceful", but at their time, each HP calculator was intended to be the best. Oops; I see owners from other brands that are getting their flames ready to launch...

An HP35 was the most powerfull pocket calculator at the time it was introduced. Yes, it was the first one, but it was indeed powerfull. The Xpander was too advanced for its time. Neither HP staff could understand it... well, I'm probably overestimating them :^) At least they showed to the world they know what hammers are for, right?

You already have, so far, the "top-of-line" from HP: HP48 and HP49. The HP17BII is the second-in-chain, good choice indeed. There are others to come, being HP49G+ and HP48Gwhatever (I forgot, sorry). They will probably add more memory, a Kinponut processor, bad keyboard and up-to-date, whoopy design. And probably in colored versions, who knows! (I wrote about this at this very forum in 2001...).

I have the same ones, and I'd add others, too powerfull for their time: HP65, HP29C, HP67/97, HP34C, HP15C, HP41CX, HP42S, HP28S, HP48SX, HP48GX, HP49G. If you want to know about financial, I'd add: HP80, HP27, HP38C, HP12C, HP18C, HP19BII.

Any suggestions? Changes? This is my top-of-line list; others will probabbly comment it. (I did not add the HP71B because for me it's a calculator/computer. A hybrid. An X-Men device... (|^)

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 22 July 2003, 10:16 p.m.

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