Need more info on: HP 41C Module - MILENG1/UTIL Military Only


I've been searching the web in hopes of finding any information re: a module that came with a HP 41C that I recently purchased.

It is labeled MILENG1/UTIL and has the stock number 82500B-A23. The gentleman that I acquired it from was a career Army officer. He told me that this module has a program on it that was used for plotting battlefield mine locations.

Can you provide me any or perhaps point me in the direction of more info on this?

Thanks in advance,

Gary Sather


Hi, I have one of the MILENG ROMs too. The name stands for Military Engineering /Utilities. I've never found documentation for the ROM but I've figured out some of the programs. Besides laying out minefields, it also culculates the amount of explosives, hole depths, and other factors involved in cratering charges. Another program seems to be involve wire fenching or entanglements. I have a lead on another of these ROMs, I'm hoping that it's owner may have documentation.

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