HP49G problems


Would anyone out there be able to answer (or refer me to a location the can provide me an answer) to this problem? I have the HP49G calculator.

I'm unable to get it to do the following properly..

1) convert integer type values to real type values (i.e. convert 5 to say 5.00 (if FIX 2 set)). 2) Convert a real value of 5.00 to a string representation of "5.00". I can type in 5.00 (FIX 2), and convert using ->STR and what is displayed is not "5.00" which IS THE CORRECT STRING REPRESENTATION OF 5.00. Instead what is displayed is "5.". Hmmm??!?!?!! I've read the manuals from cover-to-cover and with no success. The 48 series does this properly (I know that HP has added a type for integers to the 49G).

Thanks anyone tons in advance! ! ! ! ! ! !



My HP-49G (version #1.14-2 does the conversion just fine...


Hi, Be sure your calculator is set to approx mode. The display should show rtilde not r= or ctilde if you are in complex mode. On beta version 1.17-5 I think or later hold red shift and press enter to switch between real and approx modes. Hold blue shift and press tool, the I key, to switch between real and complex. hope this helps. rdb.


Thanks everyone for your help. I downloaded the latest ROM update and the calculator now operates correctly! WONDERFUL! My program now behaves as expected.

Something of interest: I've viewed the manuals (and Command docs A-Z) and cannot find reference to the following 2 commands...

I->R R->I

These two commands covert an Integer to Real and Real to Integer (I at first thought they converted Real to Imaginary and visa-versa) but they don't.

So these two commands solve my problem of being able to covert between the new integer and real types.

Thanks again


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