Brainf*ck on the HP41


I am looking for a Brainf*ck (bf) implementation for the HP41. If I remember well there once was one, alas no find on Google. About bf see here:


At the URL you posted:

"A Brainfaq" program has an implicit byte pointer, called "the pointer", which is free to move around within an array of 30000 bytes"

This is going to be hard ... 30000 bytes on an HP41 ...
perhaps one of those HP41CY machines will do the trick ...
or some HEPAX-assisted machine ... maybe an EPROM box ...

Would you mind it being limited to, say, 1000 bytes instead ? Else the HP-71B + 16 Kb extra would be a better choice.

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Every implementation of BF has its limits. I do not regard 30000 as a language defined value.



Mike posted:

"Every implementation of BF has its limits. I do not regard 30000 as a language defined value."

Agreed, but the fact remains that non-trivial BF programs tend to be extremely large (just generating the constant "100" requires a 26-command program), and furthermore extremely slow. For these two reasons and several others, I think that the HP-71B, with its faster processing, large RAM, larger display, and good string-handling functions, would be far more suited to the task, specially using FORTH.

Of course, this has nothing to do with your original request for an specific 41C/CV/CX version, it's just some rambling of mine ...

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I do agree with your worries that the HP-41 is not the ideal platform for that task. I just wrote an BF interpreter in REXX and see the trace output of a 49 steps BF scrolling now since several minutes. It shows clearly that the HP-41 may only test some BF code snipets.

BTW, the 49 steps BF was (not my prgm!):

and 32 character test input, output is 4528 bytes.


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