pretty basic question! I have an hp41cx with plotter module, hpil 82160a module, 82162a printer and etc... The question is; I would like to print barcodes on a plotter with the above system. I have with the printer but would prefer the plotter for this and plotting functions. Which plotter (7470, 7550...) and what set of cables are required to perform this (R232 with hpil or r232 with HPIB TO HPIL)etc. In other words what do I need to look for at surplus stores or EBay or here.

from "not a novice" but "not that knowledgeable"!!!

Cheers Geoff


I had a similar question. See thread:

Hope this helps, Juergen


Well thread 3 seems to have the answer. I have the plotter module and the hpil module. If I find an Hpib to hpil translator and an HP plotter with the HPib I should be okay.

Next question, any one out there with a translator, as it seems the 7450A plotter is aplenty.

thanks Juergen

cheers, Geoff


Check out V41, it is an 41CX emulator for your PC and additional software at the same site that will generate barcode on your PC's printer. Look in the calculator simulators/emulator section of this web site.


The 'correct' plotter is the 7470 Opt 003. This is an HPIL plotter (AFAIK the only one HP ever made) which will plug straight in. It's true plug-n-play -- the plotter module will find the plotter in the loop, etc.
Practical tests suggest that an HPIB plotter (I've tried a 7440 'Colorpro' and at least one other) work fine if you connect it using an HPIL-HPIB translator (82169). You then have to SELECT the plotter manually (use MANIO, then enter the address of the plotter and SELECT). I've never tried plotting barcodes with that setup (I do that on the PC), but it works for plotting graphs, etc.
An RS232 plotter doesn't seem to work, even with a correctly configured 82164 interface. It appears the HP41 can't read back data from the plotter -- it does this to determine plot size, etc.


Barcode plott is also possible with EMU41 plus virtual SkwidIn barcode plott module and PC laser printer. This solution generates fast and high quality barcodes for HP41...

And EMU41 gives you much more features for printing, mass storage, data transfer to PC world, mcode, Ram-Box... For more details refer to HP-Museum article forum item 311 : "HP41-PC gateway & emulator".

Best wishes from germany - Christoph


I have and use the 7470A Opt. 003 plug 'n play plotter and use it only for bar codes. I love it! I highly recommend it as a direct connect HP-IL peripheral, even for just bar codes. A recent 7470 went for only $75 on ebay. When you get tired of the fiber tip pens used on in these machines, switch over to the Koh-I Noor Rapidoplot Archival DPP 'Disposable' 0.35 metal tip pens for Vellum/paper. Although marked 'Disposible', they are supplied in two pieces which can be carefully seperated and refilled with ink-jet ink, just like refilling your ink-jet cartridges. I use the black 64NDS.01F for the bar codes/row/lines nomenclature and the blue 64NDS.07F for the header (program name and register count). Don


7470A Opt. 003

this seems to be the best way to convert my programs to barcode. trying to find one is the hardest part, any ideas?? ebay hasn't got one yet.

I have a spare refurbished cardreader and an HP41c fully functional with quad ram and xfunctions module for trades to entice any one.

thanks to every one for their answers, a great forum.

cheers, geoff


Thank for all the responses:

seems the easiest way to go is the 7470a opt 003. Does anyone out there know where to find one. I have tried surplus electronics on the web and ebay. I do have a spare card reader (refurbished ), printer, hp41c with quad ram and extended functions module for trade.

any takers????

Cheers, geoff



If price is no object, there are any number of surplus/rental electronics outfits that list (note - this is possibly different from "having") HP 7470 and HP7475 (nearly the same, but only two pens instead of (I think) 6 or 8). The last time I bothered to look, the prices were insane: many hundreds of dollars. These are equipment rental houses trying to get rid of their old units. I can't remember a name at the moment (I am away from home), but if you are interested, send me an e-mail, and the next time I get a catalog, I'll let you know. (I get several of these a month.)

I sold an HP 7475 a few years ago on E-bay and felt lucky to get $25 for it. Somebody else in here probably knows whether the '7475 also came in an HP-IL version, but if it did, you can look for one of them, too.


I believe that the 7475A came with HP-IB input, and one was sold on ebay recently WITH the HP-IL to HP-IB converter for a package price of $177.50. Don


Some 7475A come with HP-IB, but most have a serial interface. Many plotter auctions on eBay do not state the kind of interface, so check it before you bid.

An alternative is the 7550A (A3!) which has both a serial AND an HP-IB interface. That's nice! You can drive the plotter with your HP-41 and with your PC (without having an HP-IB interface card installed).

I think the 7470A was the only plotter with the HP-IL interface option.



The HP-IL/HP-IB interface (82169A) is frequently available on eBay at a reasonable price. I picked mine up a year ago for $35 (with manual.) A substantial portion of the 82169A manual details interfacing to HP plotters.



Just a note to let you know that ebay has a HP 7440A 8 pen (2 is all you need for bar code) HP-IB plotter complete with HP-IL to HP-IB converter for the starting bid of $40 US. See at or go to ebay and search for 2737224362. Don

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