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Yeah, it's old news. We're all waiting for a follow-up to the 15C, 32S, 42S, or 41 series.

Many here were not overly impressed with the 12C Platinum...


Let's hope that the reason why HP has not yet released a HP-42S Platinum is that they are currently busy doing some more rigorous testing than for the HP-12C Platinum...

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But it was good for a chuckle. I'm still waiting (as most of us are, I hope) to not hear, but see what HP has in store for us in the way of a real scientific calculator. The 30S - a perennial favorite? ? Honestly now, where do they get their data? I guess it depends on who you pay to collect it. What ever happened to the 32Sii with it's amazing 384 bytes of memory? Eclipsed by the 30S already? The 42S forgotten? The 41C deleted from history? Blink and you'll miss significant happenings in the HP directed calculator time-space continuum.

I think the 12CP got rave reviews here right?


I guess the air is so thin way up in that ivory tower that it has affected the outcome of their research.


From the article

Later in the year, look for powerful new offerings in our engineering and scientific models, which will include graphing, expanded memory for storing complex equations, greater programmability and connectivity
Sounds just like the 41!

I hope the new offerings look and feel like an HP.


Sounds just like the 41!
Many are wishing a 41 descendant...
others a Voyager descendant...
And Pioneers too:
many a 32sII descendant and others, a 42 descendant...

Only hp knows.



Or maybe a 48 descendent, with a USB port in addition to the serial port. Some of the newer PCs lack a serial port, so you need an adapter to use them with the 48, and with the amount of memory available in the newer calculators, archiving/restoring by I/O can take a lot of time.

But I wouldn't want to do without the serial port either.

Some features could be borrowed from a sibling, the 49G.

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