OT: Need help finding 2 TI PPC Notes editors from past


Hi. A project is underway to convert much of the old TI Calculator group's material into PDF the way Jake Schwartz did with the HP PPC Notes.

Before it is made available, we need help finding or contacting two of the early TI Newsletter editors...

Richard Vanderburgh


Maurice E. T. Swinnen

If anyone has a current email address or contact info for these men, please EMAIL it to me (do not post it here) so I can contact them to get proper permissions.

We hope to have 12+ years of the TI PPC Notes scanned, well over 100+ TI-59 user library programs scanned, and misc documents available as well.

I know most of you are HP only, :-), but it would be a shame to have this material disappear into the past either way.



You have their e-mail addresses on the following page:


I cannot wait for this material :-)

Best regards.


I've been to www.ti59.com but those don't work. I've tried another email for Maurice and have left a phone message for Richard at what I think is his home number, but I'm just trying to cover all the bases!

Thanks for the suggestion...anyone have other leads?

There are lots of things coming...all this TI material, including PDF of owners manuals, etc.

The scanning of the 100+ HP-67 game programs is coming along too.

C'mon folks...who has lots of this stuff stuck in a closet? :-)




Both men have given permission for this material to be published in PDF form on the web.

That means that once the scanning is complete, the entire TI PPC Notes will be available just like the HP PPC Notes are today.



Gene wrote:

> the entire TI PPC Notes will be available just like the HP PPC Notes are today..

Do you mean in a convenient CD (Jake) or freely available on the Web (Warren)?

Jordi Hidalgo

HPCC #1046


We do not wish to charge for these, but of course, mailing any CD created would take a few $$.

I know that it will be put on the web. I'm sure a CD could be made available too, as long as we price the cost to cover the postage/materials only.

Hopes are for placing these online:

TI calculator manuals: SR-56, SR-52, TI-58/59 Personal Programming, SR-52 Programming Workbook, TI-58/59 Master Library User Guide, TI-58/59 Master Library Survival Manual

TI PPC Notes: Beginning with the first issue of 52 Notes in 1976 and going through 1984 or so.

TI 58/59 User Library Programs: I have about 100+ TI-59 games and misc programs from the user library that are being scanned.

Perhaps some PPX Exchange (the TI version of Key Notes) copies.

maybe more! :-)

Thanks to the guys doing the scanning too.

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