32Sii do the keys rub off ?


I bought one of the last new-in-package 32Sii.
Paid ticket-scalper prices.

Would appreciate people's opinions about, are
these the keys where the letters rub off
because they were painted not molded?

They look a little suspicious if I compare them
to a 10 year old 32S. The new 32Sii looks like a
thin paint was used on the keys for the white lettering.

Would appreciate any actual rub-off descriptions
(or the lack thereof) experienced by others.


I have an Indonesion 32 SII I have had since '97 I use it on the average of 3 times per week, it travels with me in its case, (as i am unwilling to let some of my others travel) and have noticed no problem with the paint wearing on the keys. I have not used any of the ones made in China. I trust when you say new that you mean the Chinese series. Please give me an opinion of your calc do the keys feel as good as the old hp's?



Well I can't give you a fair answer for comparison,
because the packaging says "calculator made in Indonesia".

I'll take it that's good, and according to what you said
that the paint wont rub off the keys. Sure looks like
it would, though. The calculator should be presumed
equivalent to what you've already been using.

I don't know how long this packaged unit was sitting
around, the graphics do say (c) 1999 which means
it was made sometime between 1999 and now (in Indonesia then). Maybe chinese calculators are just stuff like 9G
for Walmart.

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