[HP Prime] plotfunc() bug in CAS


In CAS view enter the following:


The result is a tiny plot. Now selecting the tiny plot and copying it to the stack results in the following:


Notice the extra dot in the x range. It is necessary to remove the extra dot for the plotparm() function to work.

I uploaded a screencast of the bug here:



Perhaps the 3 dots are fine (the first is a decimal) and only a space is needed:

plotparm(x+(i)*sin(x),x=5. ..5.0125)

[EDIT 2]

Another bug in plotfunc() and/or plotparm():


Edited: 4 Dec 2013, 12:12 a.m.


Indeed a bug in plot for exp(), confusion with plotting an exponential law, I have fixed it in giac source, will certainly be available with the next HP firmware update. Until then, enter the variable and it will work (plotfunc(exp(-x^2),x))


Thanks !

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