No HP 12c at Business Depot


Business Depot / Bureau en Gros (a Canadian chain of 175 Staples-like office equipment superstore) recently took the HP 12c off their business calculator line. The salespeople told me it was discontinued, but it's still listed on the site.


Before Xmas, the salesman told me that they (Bureau en Gros) only have the HP-10BII & the HP-30S available for sale.
I've took a chance to insist for other HP models & he's finally found the last HP-12C(1) & HP-39G(2) in their spare stock.

NS. There was also a liquidation section in the corner laying around doing nothing, belong to a mountain of "no people interested"'s things, a HP-10B(new) & a HP-42S(NIB).
But this is another happy story ;-)


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