HP Prime - Geometry App inconsistence


In toolbox ->App Function->Geometry menu there are the items Point, Line, Polygon, Curve Transform, Measure, Measure Plot and Test.

But in the symbol-view of the geometry App there are only the following items in the New->command menu: Point, Line, Polygon, Curve, Transform, Measure Plot. So this menu lacks Measure and Test.

So every time i want commands from the Measure or test menu i must chance in the Toolbox.

Similary to that in the num-view of the geometry App there are only the following items in the New-> command menu: Measure, Test.

In my opinion thats inconsistent and in all views there should be the same menu with all items.


Or perhaps that might be an indicator that the commands in the symb view and num view are intended to be used for different things, and the UI is geared for 2 different purposes?

SYMB == defintion, creation
NUM == values, calculations



You may also want to create geometric objects using measures from existing object. For example, report a length, an angle... like this
I believe measures should be accessed from the same menu as Points, etc. from SYMB view.


Absolutely. I use for example very often the "slope"-command.

And i think it is not diffucult to align the toolbox ->Geometry menu and the symbol-view -> command menu. Both have the same intention and are logically the same.

PS: parisse, is there a direct contact to you?


Yes, you can find my mail at the end of my webpage http://www-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/~parisse/english.html

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