Is the Prime a superset of the HP 17bII+ ?


I have a HP 17bII+ and am thinking of getting a HP Prime but only if it offers a similar SOLVER function.

I have solver functions in my 17bII+ to calculate the following:
Black Scholes (uses 0xL(B:1...), ABS, L(D:L...), etc.. functions)
Standard Deviation Rate of Return (uses summation, SIZES, ITEM, etc.. functions)
sin,cos,tan - not required in the PRIME :)
Normal Prob DF - (uses the EXP, SQRT function)
Normal Cumul DF
and a Date function - (uses DDAYS function)

Are these programs translatable into the HP Prime programming language? I've tried to copy and paste the following into the simulator (as an example):


but I get a syntax errors so I dont think they are compatible.

Can the Prime do everything the 17bII+ can do? If so, I would like to replace my 17bII+ with something a bit more flashier.


There is no direct lineage between the HP-Prime and the HP-17BII+.


Also, there is a complete set of probability distributions, including discrete, cumulative and inverse.

As of yet there is no date calculations exposed to the end user.



It seems like many of the functions and commands are carryovers from the 50g. For example FFT (fast fourier transform) in the Prime is also present in the 50g, but not in the 48sx.

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