HP-65 Video Tapes - Anyone have a Copy?


After playing around with the HP-65 Timer program that Don and Kimberly posted, I started re-reading the 65 Key Note. I read that HP produced a set of three color video tapes that demonstrated how to use the calculator.

Has anyone here ever seen these tapes? And does anyone have a copy of them? It'd be fun to watch them. I checked YouTube and didn't see them there.




Hm... the HP65 was sold between 1974 and 1976 (introduction of HP67/97). That was years before the advent of VHS. So I wonder what video system might have been used in those days. Here in Europe, the VCR system was available. But what was the equivalent in the US? And in how many households might a video tape recorder have been used back in 1975?


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I wondered about that myself. Following is the extract from 65 Keynotes:

Video Tapes Available

If you're like many HP-65 owners, your new calculator is the first programmable computer you have ever operated. There are so many functions and abilities built into the HP-65 that it is quite understandable you could be somewhat overwhelmed at first; particularly if you're new to programming.

Hewlett-Packard wants you to receive all the benefits this powerful calculator has to offer. To assist you in getting the full potential out of your HP-65, HP has produced a series of video tapes, "Learning to Use the HP-65." Abstracts of the contents of the tapes are included below. To arrange for a free showing of the video tapes, contact your nearest HP Sales Office. The tapes are also available for viewing at the plant in Cupertino, Calif. If you want to purchase copies (specify reel-to-reel or cassette) of the video tapes, contact:

Hewlett-Packard Video Products
1819 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto, California 94304

PART 1. As the first tape in a three-part series on how to use the HP-65 programmable calculator, this tape is concerned with how to manage the basic data handling functions of the HP-65. Following a look at how to enter data and perform simple arithmetic, the tape demonstrates how the operational stack works, and shows how to manipulate data in the stack and use it to make more complicated calculations. Concluding segments describe the use of the Last X register and the other storage registers in the HP-65.

In color. Time: 20 minutes. Stock No: 90217 $140.00

PART 2. As the second part in the series on operating the HP-65 programmable calculator, this tape concentrates on the built-in functions of the calculator. In particular, the use of the five functions involving angles and their inverses are demonstrated in all three angular modes. In fact, every function accessed by a gold or a blue prefix key is accounted for in this tape.
In color. Time: 10 minutes. Stock No: 90218 $140.00

PART 3. This installment in the series takes a close look at how to operate the basic programming functions. An easily followed example shows how programs are written, keyed into, and executed on an HP-65, so you will be able to write your own elementary programs, key them into your calculator, and run them correctly. The tape also shows how to control all the editing features built into the unit and how to record and protect your programs. Finally, demonstrations are given which show how the flags, the conditionals, and the other advanced programming functions operate.
In color. Time: 24 minutes. Stock No: 90219. $140.00

Very expensive at $140 per tape. Says you can get them on Reel To Reel or cassette, but format is unknown. I would imagine that most people either watched them at the plant, or I guess a club could arrange for a free showing.

I wonder if HP still has copies and if they would be willing to make them available on You Tube or other video site.

It would be fun to view them.



One possible format would be U-matic it was introduced in 1971.

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