Very low Price of HP Prime?


In a previous post someone asked where they could safety purchase a PRIME. I just found the following site when searching Google for HP PRIME GRAPHING CALCULATOR.

Buyer beware. They are selling the PRIME.FOR $81.00 + $0.99 shipping. Do not know their history, or if the offer is genuine.
If true, might be cheap enough for some experimenter to do a tear down and check voltages or do modifications.


Just found same price at Office Depot online.


Just found same price at Office Depot online.

My mistake( I think) is at another site.


Those two websites are identical. I tried placing an order, but received a SSL server error.


there is another listing at DRXOne the price is normal $126 but here is the heading:

HP Prime Graphing Calculator - 10 Line(s) - 33 Character(s) - LCD - Battery, Solar Powered3.4" x 0.5"

is the prime really solar powered?


is the prime really solar powered?

Depends on how you charge it I think. :-)



Russian website with zero merchant reviews. I'd stay clear.


Another suspicious site has appeared, purporting to sell the HP Prime at a very low price. This one calls itself "Savings Trumpet" and is very similar to the previous Russian sites with no history or ratings.


Wow ! Just as soon as one sketchy site with a very low Prime price disappears, another one takes its place. This one calls itself "Oakale Liquidations" and is an identical template of the previous ones. What seems strange is that they all appear as a "Google Sponsored Site" which makes me wonder about the usefulness of Google to find safe sites.


Here is where I purchased my HP Prime. It used to be called Mine arrived with no issues. HP Prime

It currently shows in stock for US $110.


Got mine a few weeks ago from for $106. Just checked and they have 49 in stock... Ship from Erie, PA.


Same as Cost Central, where I bought mine. Both are Erie Computer. Rakuten is actually cheaper, because shipping is free, whereas Erie Computer charges about $8 for shipping.


Working for the EMEA distributor of HP calcs, I can assure you that is not a genuine offer...


Really? Meaning that they're stolen or something? Some members apparently received it, so it doesn't look like an actual scam...


I'd say: EMEA pricing is usually much higher than US-pricing, especially for items from US companies (even if all of them are "Made in China") - so taking an EMEA pricing as reference is misleading.

That being said, the site is *certainly* a scam, so don't even think about sending them money.

The site stats does offer more insight: "in business since 1975", or as the people in Russia say "website up for less than 14 days" :)

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