Has anyone seen this article?

Does this have any relevance to HPs that have been released since the date of this article?

Open RPN

Any thoughts?

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Hello Matt,

You will find a discussion on the subject here ...



Hello there. Thanks for the link. A very helpful post. Not only did it serve to see what Open RPN could've spawned if it came to fruition, the thread revealed the fulfulled reality of it in the WP-34S. In fact, in the thread, it's mentoned that the Open RPN project is mentioned within the 34S technotes/development history.



Some of the OpenRPN integer mode support was included in the 34S. I wrote the code for both so some overlap and reuse was expected. The 34S integer mode is better featured than the OpenRPN equivalent. As far as I'm aware, that is the only code that moved forward.

- Pauli

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