hp 49g+ and 50g cases


Does anyone know if hp sells a replacement pouch for the 49, 50 series graphing calc on the shopping site. I have looked, but cannot find a link anywhere for accessories dealing with calculators. My old pouch for my 49g+ is held together with duct tape, the middle of the pouch came apart.
I understand there is a newer more robust pouch for the 50, which I guess would fit. Anyone point me in the right direction?

Bill Drylie






You can get that case from eBay for considerably less than that as well. I don't have a link available as I'm on a shoddy mobile device but they are fairly easy to find.


You're right:



Hi all;
Thanks Gerson and Chris, I'll buy from Samson, e-bay I don't do, cancelled my account with those people about 4 years ago.
Strange, hp doesn't have a link to buy a case or cables anymore, leastwise I could not find one, and the calculator club page won't come up either. That company is getting sorry. Hope they can turn things upwards business wise. Thanks again guys for your help.
Bill Drylie


I've passed the word along about that link.

The problem for everything basically boils down to "the calcualtor group is so tiny compared to anything else, we have 0 say in anything on processes, behind the scenes web things and so on". My guess is that someone "streamlined" things behind the scenes and deleted that page...



Hi Tim;
That is too bad. I would think there is enough sales volume for calculators to have at least some say in how the calculator pages are formatted. I would sooner buy from hp than Samson cables...keeps people at hp busy. I hope a very good protective case is provided with the new Prime. I do a lot of field work. I don't need a belt loop or anything, but the cases go through a lot of use and travel, they need to be robust. Have you seen the canvas and nylon lined case for the TI N-Spire? Very hardy with strong stitching, and an attractive blue and grey color, something like that maybe....just a suggestion.

Bill Drylie


It is a plastic slider case. Sorry. :-(

I personally hate those and much prefer a soft case like the 48 or 50, but the only strong feedback heard about the cases is that the huge majority of customers prefer the hard sliders. The few other comments complain about the quality of the soft cases...



Hi Tim;

Well, the N-Spire cx cas is a plastic slider, but you can buy that heavy case I spoke of as well in the accessories section. It fits the new ones. Some fellows at work use that calc and have that case. Maybe someone could be talked into a run of cases for those of us who like soft cases? More business I would think. If TI can do it, so can hp. That would be a flagship calculator for hp, I would hate to think of it being hobbled by a lack of accessories.

Bill Drylie


I have an nSpire "Carry Case" - they are padded soft cases. The sliding case fits inside it. It's better made than that horrible soft case that ships currently with the 50g and is probably more durable than the older 50g leather case.

Best part about the device unfortunately.

You can throw it across the room in the case with no ill effects (don't ask).

You can buy them on the TI site for $14.99.

50g fits inside but I think it would be offended if I put it in a TI case :)


The cloth cases made for the TI-84/89 should work as well. Trouble is that I can't find one in stores anymore.


It is a plastic slider case. Sorry. :-(

I personally hate those and much prefer a soft case like the 48 or 50, but the only strong feedback heard about the cases is that the huge majority of customers prefer the hard sliders. The few other comments complain about the quality of the soft cases...


I like the softer cases too. I am OK as long as the case does the job. I am a fan of the HP35S case - nice place to put index cards full of notes.


I find that the cloth case from my old HP 48GX is the best case I've ever used for my HP 50g. I like it a lot better than the one that comes with the HP 50g, which is protective, but stiff and bulky.

This ebay HP 48G case is a visual example. I do not have anything to do with this auction, just referencing its picture.

An item for which I've never found a source for my HP 50g or HP 49g+ units are the little feet that roll off and get lost after a few months of use.


Hi Mike;
I thought about that, looked at it, then saw one of the glove leather cases that hp used to make for the 48SX, with the carry strap in burgundy. Too bad I don't have an e-bay account anymore, I think that would fit nicely. Oh well.

Bill Drylie


> the little feet that roll off

If you don't mind duct tape aesthetics, a drop of hot glue serves as an anti-skid foot pretty good (after it solidifies, that is)

Edited: 3 June 2013, 9:02 p.m.


Another solution is those little plastic or silicon stick-on discs that are sold as "bumpers". They seem to have better glue than what HP uses. Here's my experience with HP 41 & 49G+/50g rubber feet and replacement bumpers:


I use Ripoffs CO29 case. Works for me, especially when I forget to put on a belt.

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