Does IR printing not work on your converted WP34s? Then read on...


It seems some 390k resistors have found there way into my 390 Ohm box. I don't think it were a lot of them, but I don't really know (no clue as to how it happened). There is a chance you might have received a board that contains the wrong resistor value. If your IR printing works, you have the correct resistor. If you don't use IR printing, it does not matter to you. But if you have tried printing and it did not work, please contact me.

Sorry about this,


Hmm, I guess no news is good news :) Apart from the already know two cases nobody else contacted me....

Or is nobody really using IR printing?


Or is nobody really using IR printing?

Or it could be that some people (like me) installed the IR emitter directly not having one of your internal boards :)


Yes, that could also be a reason.

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