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I am currently doing an HP75C emulator for android. For a better use it could be interesting to have 'POD' ram disk fonctions. To do this I need some rom dumps of the on-board rom of the pod.

It could be also useful to have more roms. Did some of you have such datas ?

As I don't have an HP75, i am also interested on hi-res pictures of the LCD with letters displayed (lower case, upper case and with descenders). The 2 cursors and the annunciators would be a plus.

Thanks in advance.


(actually the emulator boots and respond 22463 after cold start for a full mem system)


Hi Olivier,
I've both 75C and 75D with and without pod; in the past I dumped some 41 and 42 ROMs for Hrast. Problem is... I don't know how to dump them on a 75!



I have images of those ROMs, email me with a email address I can send them to. I can supply you with pictures as well.

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