Dear All,

first things first: I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Santa brought me a HP-39GII and already I'm busy exploring this machine. I heard of some bugs and a new version of the firmware, too. But how can I find out which version is installed on my unit ? I tried a VERSION command like the one implemented on the HP-50G but without success. And the users manual is of no help, too.

Could you please tell me if there's the possibility to retrieve the version of the firmware and how to do that ?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards



Press ON-F4 to get the version number.

Download the HP Connectivity Kit and the latest ROM update from here.

Download the latest version of emulator from here.

Download the latest version of manual from here.

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Thanks a lot for your quick help. The 39GII needed the update indeed and with the links you provided it was easy to install the new firmware version.

Kind regards



If you've never done an update on the 50g, you missed out the fun paperclip gyrations needed with the old unit. :-)

Quite a bit simpler since we designed it to just automatically prompt you for the update. Unfortunately, the only way to do the updating requires the device to present itself as an external drive to windows which means the actual update needs administrative privileges... :-(



Hi Tim,

thanks a lot for your response. Of course I updated my 50g and know about the pain with the paperclip. Administrative privileges are no problem for me 'cause I always have them on my machines. Or do you let YOUR OWN computer tell you "you're not allowed to..." ?

I updated the 39GII successfully in the meantime but I still have difficulties to connect it to the Connectivity Kit Software. Most of the time the left pane of the connectivity kit (where the HP-39GII objects should appear) remain empty or I'm getting Windows error messages that the USB device couldn't be installed.

By the way, I like to suggest an improvement for the installation procedure of the Connectivity Kit: Wouldn't it be possible to offer the user a chance to change the path and directory where on the harddisk the software should be installed ? I usually do not install users programs on C:.

Kind regards



Check your firewall settings in Windows. You may check a checkbox with label like "Inform you when the firewall blocks your program" and try removing the HP Connectivity Kit and installing it again.

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Thanks for your reply and the hint. In the meantime I found out that a restart of Windows was necessary and that the 39GII should be switched on before it is connected to the USB port.

Kind regards



If you've never done an update on the 50g, you missed out the fun paperclip gyrations

...and a huge improvement over the upgrade procedure for my HP-25, which had an execution time that was measured in, literally, fortnights. OTHO it wasn't particularly fussy about the user hardware - it seemed compatible with any ISO standard cardboard box :-)



Is that not explained in the manual?


The manuals do not detail the factory test menus anymore in any products. For some reason they really don't want this information out there anymore...

Edited: 26 Dec 2012, 12:28 a.m.


I see, hide-and-seek ;-)

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