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I have an old HP-11C that took a bad fall (off the top of the car,) and survived except that the LDC display is partially shot. It still kinda displays numbers, but not very legibly. There is a big ugly sort of black bruise across much of the display; the unbruised part is perfectly legible.

Does anyone know of a drop in replacement for the LCD element that would not require cannabilizing an old HP, (or does anyone have a display element that I could buy from them?)
Any other solutions for this problem?

Martin Melhus



I also have a broken Voyager's LCD with a black bruise, too. Except for the new Chinese HP12C's (that work with a single 3.3V cell), all others have interchangeable LCD's. If you are lucky enough to find a unoperative, 3 x 1.5V cell Voyager with a good LCD, simply replace yours for its.

I do not know if there is any other equipment that uses the Voyager's LCD.

Hope you have success.

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