OT--'NUMB3RS' is our friend


Hi all.

Thanks to ion TV's east & west coast feeds, I've been re-enjoying a favourite series of mine. So, what are your thoughts on this intriguing and unique series.

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Sometimes the application of mathematics to solve the crime seemed a little contrived, but in general I enjoyed the show. I was kind of miffed when it was cancelled and replaced with what appears to be just another police drama, "Blue Bloods". (No offense to any "Blue Bloods" fans, I just preferred "Numb3rs", despite the unfortunate spelling of the title.)


I too was saddened & disappointed at the show's cancellation. Honestly I gotta admit that whoever wrote the scripts and consulted for the mathematics must've been a genius.

As a side note, I wonder if Charlie's equations on the black & whiteboards were legit.

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I don't know about NUMB3RS but the Big Bang Theory has a consultant to make sure all their whiteboard stuff is legit.


I wonder who was on their staff or primary source. That must've been some think tank!


As a "techer" (Caltech graduate), I have to brag a bit. One of the math faculty was a source, and some of the filming was done on campus (in Pasadena).

Here's a ref, to Gary Lorden, math professor.


Some folks at Wolfram Research, the makers of Mathematica consulted on "Numbers".



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