Linear Programming - Simplex Algorithm



I submitted an app to Corvallis back in 1980, and again in 1981, user's library #00320C, for the HP41, titled "Linear Programming Using the Simplex Algorithm". I lost my code - if anyone has that app, can you please give me the listing, preferably in text, or a PDF? I'd like to have it for sentimental reasons, to run on my iPad HP41 emulator.


Larry (Laurence Esterhuizen)


Your program is available on the Museum DVDs. See this page. Although I'm sure some friendly member would send you the files, I hope that you'll support the museum by ordering a set of the DVDs instead. They really are a wonderful resource.



Yep I remember seeing it on the HP Museum DVDs. In fact I found several of my own HP-41C programs that I had sent to Corvallis in the 80s. One of them deals with Integration of data with non-equidistant x values. My old project made me curious again and I will be presenting a talk at HHC2012 based on (AND much expanded) concept of that HP-41C program!!

Seeing these old programs is like meeting old friends. It's a heart warming experience!




Definitely nostalgic for me too. HP, in the day, was like Apple is now. I remember engineering students lining up overnight at the one store in Johannesburg that sold HP calculators, to get their HP-35, and paying big bucks for one. Before I got my HP35, I remember having to use Vega 7-figure log tables for Land Surveying! For most of that year (approx 1974?) the University pondered over whether we were allowed to even use the calculator. The advent of the scientific calculator threw the engineering faculty into turmoil. It was a BIG DEAL to have one of them, and they were often stolen.




I already did order one, and will support the museum. You are doing an amazing thing, here, and certainly appreciated by me. I only wish I'd found you sooner, before I got rid of my entire collection of HP calculators about 15 years ago!




Thanks Larry, but I think you're confusing me with the museum curator, Dave Hicks. He deserves all the credit.

Still, even though I'm just a user on the museum board, I'd like to thank you for supporting it.

Dave (Hayden)

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