This is kind of amusing...


There is link to the museum. Sorry if this has been posted before.

Remember to always ask to inspect any prospective CFP's calculator.


Heheheh, that's great. And while it is especially nice that they mention the 12C as such, the idea behind it is even better.

It's similar to my stats prof who says you can use any calculator program on a test as long as you write the program. otherwise you "don't know dirt about what the program tells to you".

I'd be a bit scared of a financial planner who couldn't do basic compound interest on a calculator. or a napkin.


....but it is not definitive. remember all those enron 12c's that were on ebay a while back? i bet there were a lot of hp users at arthur anderson too.


Left in 1994. Guess my reputation is ok. :-)

And, I use a 12c more often than any other HP.



"Garbage In, Malfeasance Out"

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