Hi all! Found out today, after a move, my old CASIO calculator.

this is the one my company provided me when I begun to work 30 years ago, in place of my own scientific calculator (the Hp25c at that time), to work on the site. My duty was at that time to localize faults on telephonic cables underground and organize the repeairing job (digging, replacing, jointing and what else..). no complicated calculations were need, but a calculator which was more "pocketable" than my own and simpler to use, friendly for my colleagues too (no one of the people working with me was used to operate in RPN notation). The problem of this LCD display calculator was when operating in absence of sunlight (actually often) so that was requested always the help of a torch (a led display was for that reason more suitable, but I avoided any dicussion, at that time).
Anyway after the personal history of this object, here's the problem: the "-" key doesn't work, at all, the calculator was forbidden in a box for many years and when it happened to touch it the only test was to switch it on/off, so that I don't know how long it lied faulty. The first thought was a problem in the flat cable which connects the display to the keyboard, but it seems that only the "minus" operation does not work, so that I changed my mind and I decided to remove that key, thinking to a localized bad contact, dust.. and I found what you can see in the pictures below.

I don know if I made it removing with a xacto knife the key or if this is is simply the reason of the fault, what do you think about?

Thank-you for your interest and any advice is ofcourse, wellcome.

Aurelio Traverso

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Unintentionally cute: I'm sure you mean "friendly"!

It was the RPN that was "fiendly" to them!



Unintentionally cute: I'm sure you mean "friendly"!

It was the RPN that was "fiendly" to them!

Oh, thanks, it is sure "friendly" (I just edited my post) what I mean, apologize for my mistake.....

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Yesterday I found the time to investigate and find the cause of this problem.
I need to compare the faulty key with a workin' one, to understand how it works. Before to open (cutting all around the edge of the keyboard, I just partialllly removed the ":" key for a local comparation, while thinking about the best and safest way to open entirely the calculator...it fell down on the floor (I was sitting).......I thought:
"defenitively broken, the case is closed....."
NO! the calculator now works great and perfectly!!!
Now of course it will kept under observation, but, most important, it works!

I remember my first oboe's theachers, when years ago I asked the secret to obtain a special "vibrato" sound, I expected to be answered with a technical advice, but he told me "with the heart, boy, with the heart.............."

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