Still Looking for HP Manuals!


I'm hoping to do a Version 8 of the Museum DVD-ROMs this year. This is a copy of an announcement I made a few weeks ago - the response then was very limited, but I'm hoping there are still some HP manuals out there that have not yet been scanned!

I have a page on manuals that have been submitted or promised since Version 7, here:

And a page on how to scan and transmit scans here:

And the list of manuals already on Version 7 is here:

If you have any manuals that are still missing, please contact me. Since I have mostly exhausted my own collection, I will have time available to scan manuals that are sent to me. So, if you have manuals, you can scan them, or I can do them.

Actual HP manuals are the easiest/best since I already have permission. Permissions for books from other publishers tend to be difficult to get.




I recall sending you a copy of the HP42S errata card ("Manual Update," PN 00042-90042) some time ago, but I don't know if it made it into the last version of the DVD set. I have the DVDs, but they're at home and I'm not.

Either way, please let me know if you still need it and I will send it to you.



I don't see it, so please do send it. Thanks!


If you have any manuals that are still missing, please contact me

Is there a list of manuals that you are particularly looking for?


Pretty much anything currently missing. There are lots of obvious holes in the collections of manuals in languages other than English.

For the English manuals, I don't know what manuals may exist that we don't have so far. There are probably many internals/service manuals missing but it's hard to be sure exactly what's out there.


Dave, I recently I sent in several user programs recently with no reply. Did they go through OK?

Sent for V7 DVD
02592C- Survey Pac supplement - Point Storage
00925C- Data Packing

Sent in 2012 ( for V8 DVD:
00961C- Biorythms
01977C- Baseball Fever
02578- Saturation on pH Calculation of Langelier & Ryzner Indicies.
99956- Patterns

To be scanned:
00654C- Othello
00316C- Diet Planning
00494C- Diet Control for <your name here>

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