Odd looking 41cx


I had an interesting dream about a 41cx. I was out shopping trying to find a 15C LE when I came across what looked like a 41cx. However something looked odd, then I realized there was no display. So I started to enter some numbers, and as soon as I did, the calculator extended in length to reveal a single line of display. As I added more numbers to the stack it got longer showing more lines of display (up to 4) then as numbers were removed from the stack the calculator got smaller again only displaying the stack levels that had a number in them.

Obviously a ridiculous design for a real calculator (hey it was a dream) but it might translate to a cool feature for an emulator of the 41cx or any RPN calculator.

Chris W


Have you seen Microsoft Mathmatics? Not quite what you envisioned but it expands as "needed".

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