hp48g gx where i can read good examples and have information to build programs to hp48g


I want to learn how to programing to hp48 g gx. There is a software that takes a program built in c or c++ or qbasic or gwbasic and , making changes the program built in C, C++, or QBASIC can run in my HP ? Thanks


What you need is Windows CE for the GX.

This is available from www.youvegottobejoking.com

Seriously, the best place to ask these questions is on the appropriate newsgroups. I'm sure someone will tell you what they are (I can't remember).

I seem to recall a port of GNU C for the HP48. This is/was a cross compiler (i.e. the development is dome on another platform, but the executable runs on the GX.

I've only heard of this some time ago. It may be myth.

Hopefully this is some help to you.


Here are a few good places to start:

http://www.hpcalc.org -- lots of information, programs, programming tutorials, etc., mostly about the HP48 series

comp.sys.hp48 -- newsgroup all about the HP48

comp.sys.handhelds -- covers all sorts of calculators and handheld computers, with a little about the HP48

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