SpeedUI 11.10 available


Hello all,

here's an important update for SpeedUI.

SpeedUI 11.10 fixes some serious bugs.
See RelNotes.txt for details.

For installation/uninstallation, please take a look into
StartHere.pdf supplied with the latest SpeedUI archive.

The new version is available here:
http://www.hpmuseum.org/guest/deltondo/speedui.pdf (Walkthrough PDF)

http://www.hpmuseum.org/guest/deltondo/sui_1110.zip (SpeedUI zip archive)

and on www.hpcalc.org once the site will be updated.

Have fun:-)



I have a 48G+ which I havnt learnt yet. Does this UI make it different from the manuals or does it just speed it up?



It's a bit of both. The main intention is speed while staying compatible to the standard HP-48G L&F ,

but there are some extensions and enhancements which will make usage more comfortable.

For more details please take a look into the walkthrough (speedui.pdf) which is linked in the initial post;-)


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