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HP-15C (vintage) auction stats from that "famous" auction site, with data collected starting 9/8/2011:

No Reserve:  6 of 11 HP-15C's have sold. Avg. price: $156.40
Start Price: 0 of 5 HP-15C's have sold. Avg. start price: $132.00
Buy It Now: 0 of 11 HP-15C's have sold. Avg. BIN price: $338.63
All calculators sold were in working condition. Various cosmetic conditions from average to near mint. Higher priced models sold with a manual included. Several auctions have lowered the "starting price" from what was first listed. No BIN sellers have lowered their prices (yet).

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I might be the outlier on this forum, but I don't believe that the introduction of the 15C LE is going to have much of an effect on the market price of the vintage 15c calculators.

There's enough of a difference between the original 15c and the LE (build quality, double injection-moulded keys, &c.) that I think the original will still be sought after enough by collectors to keep the prices up. This will especially be the case if the 15c LE is truly LE.

After all, it only takes two people wanting to win an auction to get the closing price high.

That said, I'm hoping that the prices *do* go down, so I can pick up an extra or two ...


Collectors will always be interested in the vintage 15Cs, I agree. However, a lot of 15C demand is probably coming from people who want one to use it (as evidenced by scratched up models, ones missing battery doors, covers, or original manuals, ones with engraved names, etc.) still selling for above the price of a new 15C LE. Also, I'm really not sure how many people there are stuffing calculators in display cases and never touching them...


This was a very low price IMO, especially considering that the auction was worldwide.


This was a very low price IMO, especially considering that the auction was worldwide.

Haven't been following Evilbay 15c follies lately. But
back when I convinced myself I needed a reference unit
or two for my emulator work, I believe I paid about
US$105-110 each. One with a manual which had never been
loved, one without, and both regrettably badge-less. So
not too much different from the auction above.

I thought too as others have voiced, the introduction of
the 15c le will create a divide in price of the legacy 15cs.
Anything less than in justifiable collector's condition
should plummet price-wise as there now exists another option
for folks who just "want one".


That's not at all low. Look at the condition!

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