WP 34s lockup with [y-hat]


I have managed to create a hard lockup in both the emulator and calculator.

Steps to reproduce:

- Reset the calculator (back switch on calculator [thanks for pointing that out!], or "h X.FCN RESET" on either)
- "f [y-hat]"

I suspect that it happens when no [SIGMA]+ operations have been previously performed.

Emulator crashes. Calculator never advances beyond the "f" display -- requires reset switch to regain control.

Versions: emulator SVN 1209, calculator SVN 1196.


Hmmmm, there is a bug there but I'm not sure what or where yet.

I've reproduced this a couple of times now but haven't done it reliably :-( The code looks like it should be generating an error here.

- Pauli


I debugged it in the emulator and have given Pauli a hint what might be wrong. ((I'm afraid it's his part to fix it.))

Edit: I may have fixed it but tests need to be done. It was a general problem with functions not returning a proper result in some cases.

Be aware that the flash image may be grossly unstable because I've added the serial stuff which is totally untested at this point.

Edited: 14 July 2011, 9:15 a.m.


This is fixed now. A bad return from the x-hat and y-hat functions could cause a lock up (but not always).

- Pauli


Well, fix in the next build I should have said.

- Pauli

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