HP 41C Forecast 1 Module


Does anyone have documentation related to this module/pac that can be shared? My version of the Museum DVD does not include this Pac. Thanks,

Jeff Kearns


If you need the documentation to play with the HP-41C, then I can't help you.

If on the other hand you mean to use the module to do forecasting, then let me suggest the open source R language. It is free (actually a free clone for the S and S-PLUS commercial packages) and a very powerful statistical tool. The software has a GUI interface and uses a "command prompt" window. You can also open script windows and data windows (where each such window edits a specific vector or matrix). Since R is free it has gained a lot of momentum and many books have been published that use R as the software to drive the books' code.

I have written several free tutorials on various aspects of using and programming R. Click here to get to the main page for my tutorials for R. One tutorial focuses on regression and provides powerful R code that allows you to test hundreds of regression models to select a few best models. This R program takes the Best Fit routines in the HP41CV's Advantage module and PPC-ROM, or the HP42S to new limits!!


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Namir, What a great tutorial!

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