HP 15C Water Damage?


Hi all,
I was careless and spilled some water that I was drinking onto my calculator keyboard. I didn't think anything actually got in, until I noticed that the buttons weren't responding quite right and the calculator took multiple presses to register values and power off. At this point, I removed the batteries from the back and let my machine sit for awhile.

After three days I placed the batteries back in. With batts in, the calculator powered itself on and attempted to display all of the symbols on the screen (like the self-test). However it wasn't able to display an entire "8" and the calculator did not function.

I have since removed the batteries, and I'm letting it sit for awhile more. Is my calculator junked? How should I go about fixing it?


I'd suggest taking the back off to allow complete drying in the sun or in front of a fan.

It's pretty simple and instructions are readily available on the web.


Yes, you must open the calculator and put it in Sun light, but take care do not expose for a long time and take care of LCD display!!!


As i am sure you know: water does not damage calculator electronics. It is the conductive impurities, dust and whatnot that will bridge gaps etc. That was good instinct when you removed the batteries. Do what aj and Artur said. If there is still a problem after it is completely dry, you might disassemble it again and soak/flush/rinse it several times with distilled water. Then completely dry it again. Alcohol is a bad idea in this case because it can etch the screen.


Should do the trick.

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