HP 17B ==> 17BII


Too bad HP didn't make the INPUT key double as ENTER, instead of the = key. Then the 17BII would be interface-compatible with the other Pioneer RPN calculators.

I guess I am a few years late on this comment.


Are you sure? I know that on the 17bII+, the input key does act as an enter key. It won't do it in certain menus and functions, however... In those particular cases - yes, you do have to use the = key.



From my understanding and experience, when you are in menus and functions, there is no difference between modes.


Yeah, there are a few cases, like when inputting numbers into lists that you need to use the = key as a substitute for Enter to do calculations. In the list mode, the input key actually inputs the number into the list. The 30b works the same exact way.



I don't have a 17bii. I just surmised by looking at the photo which shows Enter under =. I would love to be told that the Input key will work exactly like an Enter key.


The Input key will work exactly like an Enter key.



INPUT = ENTER in RPN mode on the 17bii.


OK, I found an online copy of the manual, and it states (on pg. 252):

Except in CFLO and SUM lists, the [INPUT] key also performs the [ENTER] function ...

Sorry for the interruption of your thoughts.

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