HP 17BII Dropped!


I have a 17BII that I dropped on a ceramic tile floor. Now the calculator works but the keys on the right side do not work. I have read some material in this forum on how to open the caluclator, but not how to repair the problem keys, if that is possible. Please point me in the right direct for information on how to repair the keys.

Sorry if this is redundant, but I did see anything in the archive posts. I was also reading about Geoff Quickfall's book on restoration, but didn't know where or how to buy it.

Thanks for the help,

Mike D


Mike, I have not tried any repair, and there are many members of the forum you have, but since they are a little slow to respond, you might try
this or even this.


They are relatively inexpensive and abundant on ebay, why spend time and money repairing? If it were a 42s it would be a different matter.

Have you tried pressing on the bezel while you press the keys?


FYI, Geoff's book is not available yet.


And that's unfortunate. :-P




George; I don't think i have a current email for you. I've wrote you three times at the old one. Drop me a line & tell me how the 10 is going, will ya? No hurry on the book from me - but i have my checkbook out. -db

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